The mission of Southwest Music Academy is to


Southwest Music Academy is a community-based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing music education to students ages five through 18 years old. The Academy is the off-shoot of the very popular Sands Band Camp which began more than 30 years ago.

The Sands Band Camp was the product of all the middle school band directors coming together in the summer to give their beginning band students a jump start on the school year as well as an opportunity to their keep older students playing during the break.

In 2008, Southwest Music Academy was formed to expand the summer camp from a middle school band camp to six different camps including middle school orchestra, high school full symphony orchestra and elementary camps. The Academy is the result of several music educators who saw several signs of need … a decline in the the number of students enrolling in band, orchestra and choir classes in middle school. This organization was formed to support the educators, parents and students in a way that allows music education to flourish in Las Cruces.

Our staff of outstanding music educators has varied backgrounds and extensive experience. All have over a dozen years of successful experience teaching Las Cruces Public School students. Several have been named Music Educators of the Year and served as President/Vice President of the New Mexico Music Educators Association.